Getting The Right Restaurant Equipment On A Budget

Equipping Your New Restaurant On A Budget

For many people, opening their own restaurant is a dream come true. If this is your dream, you probably have mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety. One of the most daunting tasks of getting a new restaurant ready for business is buying the necessaryrestaurant supplies. You have probably done some pricing and were shocked at the cost of new restaurant equipment.

If you are starting from bare-bones, you will need all the ovens, walk-in refrigeration units, equipment from IceMachinesPlus: Commercial Ice Makers and Ice Machines, tables, chairs, and all the dishware. Most of your capital for your restaurant is going to be invested in your equipment. The good news is that there are several ways that you can save money now or over a period of time in your business.

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The Industrial Kitchen

It certainly is tempting to start your restaurant out with all new equipment. While you crave that shiny new chrome and stainless-steel, buying new does not always mean it is superior equipment. There are plenty of quality items that you can buy that are used but are in great condition. You can save a fortune if you buy quality used equipment.
Some of the necessary items that are going to hit your wallet hard include refrigerators, grills, and ovens. Most of these can be had for a fraction of the cost if you buy them used. You may even consider leasing some of your equipment if you get a new restaurant. There are some items that you will be serving that you will be purchasing from vendors, such as soda and coffee. These vendors will either lease their equipment or use if for free since you are selling their brand.

Since most industrial and restaurant kitchens have limited space, you need to draw up a good floor plan to ensure that all of your space is efficient and is used wisely. You will be setting up stations where the cooks will be preparing each type of food. A smart division of stations will make your kitchen run quickly and efficiently. Most fresh food must be either refrigerated or frozen, so you will need walk-in units for both. You will also need refrigerated islands for food preparation and short-time storage.



Your stoves and oven needs are going to depend on what you will be preparing. If your restaurant is going to be specializing in baked goods, you will need a couple industrial ovens and perhaps another convection oven. You will also need warming racks for holding products. You will also need an industrial gas stove with several burners, as well as a large grill for meats. A fryer with multiple departments is a must for fried items. You may also need an industrial mixer. For cleaning, you can purchase a restaurant dishwasher. The health department will require you to have a three department sink for dishes, a preparation sink for food, and a small sink for hand washing.