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Our trailers do not have on-board generators.
Ask about portable generators available.
All models floorplans may not be the same.
All models are not to the same scale on this page
19’ – “Lite” - Travel Trailer
Travel Trailer Plans
Sleeps 2 Adults and  2 Children or 3 Adults
Can be pulled by nearly anything.  Weighs just over 4K lbs. 
Must be owner and have truck & brake controller to rent.
We provide hitch and sway bars.
Two Units - they are twins - "Nome" and "Hoonah"
28' Travel Trailer with 1 Slide-Out
"Chilkoot" 28' Travel Trailer
For all trailers except "Raven" you must be owner and have 3/4> ton truck & brake controller to rent.
We provide hitch and sway bars.
We MAY have other trailers that are somewhat different. .
Watch this space for new floorplans.
19' Trailer (Sleeps 2-4) - $150
28' Trailer* (Sleeps 6-8) - $175
28' - 1 Slideout* (Sleeps 6-8) - $185

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